The financial world can be a confusing place. Money is something that we all need, yet few of us truly understand the importance of learning how to manage our finances. This is a money driven world where we get loans for cars and homes to name a few. It is essential that we know how to manage our money and what those loans and other daily expenses mean for our bank accounts. At Fusion, we are a safe place for individuals and businesses to come for taxes, accounting and, resources for any financial need that focuses on long-term goals and family.

When it comes to money, the average person can experience several pitfalls. We spend money on things we don’t need, sometimes even seeming to “throw it away.” Fusion is dedicated to helping people make smart money moves. We serve individuals, corporations, and nonprofits to name a few. Fusion is geared towards educating people on the psychology of money. At Fusion, we don’t just do taxes, but we take care of people.

Those who come to Fusion want to grow and be successful. We do taxes and bookkeeping. We serve our community with care, but we are also serve US citizens that live all over the world. We want to help you lower your taxes. On average, other CPAs have minimum charges of $250+. At Fusion, we respect your finances, and we offer you the same value of professional advice at a more cost-friendly price.

Our Services

Business Services
Advisory services
Bookkeeping and accounting support
Cash flow and budgeting
QuickBooks and xero implementation and support
Financial projections
Individual services
Estate and trust tax planning
Financial and retirement tax planning
Irs representation
Tax preparation
Tax planning

About Us

Fusion Financial is Full-Service accounting firm in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
We serve a large number of businesses, non-profits and individual clients throughout the country, and we’re renowned for our commitment to integrity and our policy of tailoring our services to the needs of  each client. Fusion Financial was established on the principles of trust, integrity, dedication and social cause.

Chris is a founding partner of Fusion Financial, and he is a certified public accountant. He has been in the business for 17 years. Graduating in 2001 among the top of his accounting class at Loyola Marymount University, Chris went on to earn his CPA at Deloitte and finished certifying in 2004. Fusion Financial has been in business since 2007 with the goal of giving great information to everyday people like you. Chris describes himself as a “money nerd.” That means he knows what he is talking about when it comes to finances. Chris is a competent CPA who focuses on goals and family. He is an expert and takes pride in keeping up with the ever-changing financial world.

Here at Fusion Financial, we work hard to establish a family environment. We want you to feel valued and like you can count on us as your family. We stand by our core values of integrity and honesty while providing competent and friendly service.


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