When you are planning for the future, you need to understand your position in the present. When it comes to finances, especially, knowledge is power. Many of us make common, avoidable mistakes with money matters. However, all it takes to stop making these mistakes is a little knowledge about how money in this current society works. At Fusion we are dedicated to educating our customers about money to help them reach their financial goals and aspirations.

We are an accounting company that has been in business since 2007. Our founder, Chris, is a CPA (certified public accountant). We give tax and financial advice while providing specialized business and real estate related advice. If you have business and personal financial goals, we can help you evaluate your current situation and help you plan for your aspirations. We can help you with strategies to ensure that you can reach your financial freedom.

At Fusion, we can help you understand your financial standing. Once you know where you stand financially, you can start making smart decisions about where your money is going. We want to know your vision for the future and what you want to accomplish so that we can help you do it. We can help budget, plan, and locate licensed investments advisors. If you wish to make investments, we can advise you on the taxes, risks and benefits. We can help you evaluate college funds and other significant financial commitments you have planned down the road.  You will get a honest opinion as we do not manage or sale any financial/insurance related products (we are not licensed financial advisors).

We serve individuals, families, corporations, and nonprofits to name a few. Along with our CPA centric financial consulting services, we do taxes and bookkeeping. We can even evaluate your current financial standing to help lower your tax bill. At Fusion, we believe that tax advice without money advice is useless. Our customers feel valued and cared for. We do not just do taxes here at Fusion, but we personally care for our customers. We nurture a family environment because we care.

If you have questions or are ready to get started taking control of your taxes and money, then give us a call today!